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Polygraph and lie detector award for Norfolk, Virginia

Our Services are Respected

Polygraph & Assessment Services was recently awarded the "BEST of 2020" by Norfolk for polygraph services.  We have also been the recipient of multiple past awards for "Best of" polygraph and security services in both VA Beach and Norfolk.  We advertise this not to boast, but to share that the community trusts us with polygraph testing. 

Polygraph and lie detector experience.

We have Experience

Polygraph & Assessment Services has been utilized by many local, state, and private agencies, including human services departments in Hampton Roads, Federal and State correctional agencies, multiple Law Enforcement and Fire and Rescue agencies, JAG officers, Outpatient Mental Health counselors as well as Mental Health residential programs, Sex Addiction programs, Fishing Tournaments, attorneys, many private individuals, and more.  


We Are Honest and Ethical

We are the chosen polygraph company of many agencies and private individuals because we do our best to conduct polygraph examinations with the best practice standards set forth by the American Polygraph Association and state and federal law.

We also will walk through your situation during our free consultation and will be honest with you as to whether or not polygraph testing fits your situation.    

While there are other good examiners in the polygraph field, be careful of any examiner who seeks to gain your business by belittling other examiners or who is willing to bend polygraph standards to suit your desires.     

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