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Often times people express that they have heard that Polygraph Examinations cannot be used or recognized by the Court.  The truth is, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges often times use information gained from a polygraph examination to aid in their decision making.  

If you are contemplating requesting a polygraph for a legal matter (criminal or civil), discuss the matter with your attorney (if applicable), or don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss if testing makes sense in your situation.  

If requesting a polygraph for legal matters,, know that we conduct polygraph examinations in accordance with the American Polygraph Association and State and Federal Law.  Our Examinations are viewed favorably by Court officials.  Unfortunately there are some Examiners who make up their own rules for testing and run the risk of being questioned about the validity of their testing methods. 

 There are varying laws within each state that affect the use of polygraph testing.  We are not officers of the Court, and therefore, we cannot offer legal advice on polygraph testing;  however, we can conduct an accurate polygraph examination that may help resolve a legal matter. 

Attorneys and Court Systems have used our testing for:

  • All Criminal defense matters (for defense attorney)
  • Military issues (JAG officer recommended)
  • Immigration matters
  • Civil matters
  • Illegal Drug allegations
  • Sexual abuse testing
  • Physical abuse testing
  • Custody matters
  • Post-conviction Sex offender Testing




Infidelity, cheating, and relationship polygraph and lie detector testing.

Marriage and dating relationships can be one of the most rewarding parts of life.  However, sometimes, it can also be one of the most challenging, especially if trust is broken or is suspected of being broken.  

If you are concerned that your spouse or partner is cheating or has cheated on you or been unfaithful, but you don't know for sure, a polygraph examination can help establish the truth.    

Or, if you are or have been accused of being unfaithful to your partner, but you know you haven't and want to "prove" your faithfulness, we can help you "prove" your faithfulness.  

When testing relationship matters, we take things seriously because relationships are one of the most important things a person has.  Therefore, like in any testing we do, we following the guidelines set forth by the American Polygraph Association and State and Federal Law.   

Please contact us for a free consultation and for more information about polygraph testing.  




Polygraph and lie detector instrument.

Polygraph testing can be utilized for many different purposes.  In addition to Legal matters and relationship issues, we offer polygraph testing for the following matters:  


  • Anyone concerned with clearing their name in regards to a past or present issue
  • Pre-employment - Federal, state, and local applicants that may include Law Enforcement/Fire and Rescue/Correctional officers/ and some private companies (contact us for specifics on this)
  • Business Economic Loss- Suspicion of fraud, theft, etc. (EPPA/Polygraph Law). 
  • Internal Affairs
  • Domestic Issues 
  • Military personnel whose behaviors are in question
  • Those accused of any type of abuse
  • Individuals involved in custody battles
  • Insurance companies seeking to settle issues of fraud
  • Competitors that may be involved with competitions such as Fishing and Bodybuilding
  • Post-convicted sex offenders, generally in coordination with probation and/or treatment

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