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Why take or request a Polygraph?

A Polygraph Examination, commonly known as a lie detector test, can be requested for a variety of reasons, and the goal of each polygraph examination is to help determine whether the Examinee is truthful concerning the specific questions of the polygraph test or whether he/she appears to be withholding from or adding to the Truth, which is generally referred to as a Lie.  It is not always possible for people to know whether one is being truthful or not, and for that reason, a polygraph test can be a very useful tool in identifying the TRUTH. 

Who uses Polygraph?

The Polygraph Examination can be used in many different instances and for various purposes that include but may not be limited to the following:

  • Pre-employment - Federal, state, and local applicants that may include Law Enforcement/Fire and Rescue/Correctional officers/ and some private companies (Polygraph regulations).
  • Economic Loss/Business Issues - Those suspected of fraud, theft, harrassment, etc. (Polygraph regulations). 
  • Internal Affairs
  • Attorneys and their clients regarding all criminal matters
  • Domestic Issues - Family members, spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, partners, and those related to the home who want to settle an issue such as infidelity, abuse, theft, etc.
  • Military personel whose behaviors are in question
  • Those accused of any type of abuse, especially against a child
  • Individuals involved in custody battles
  • Insurance companies seeking to settle issues of fraud
  • Competitors that may be involved with competitions such as Fishing and Bodybuilding
  • Post-covicted sex offenders, generally in coordination with probation and/or treatment
  • Anyone concerned with clearing their name in regards to a past or present issue

As one can see, polygraph examinations can be used in many different circumstances and for many different reasons.  After all, people lie to protect themselves all the time, whether at home, the work place, or in various social settings; but lies are not always evident to those on the outside and even though sometimes they are evident, some have a very difficult time admitting the truth.  In addition, at times one may be suspected of a lie but he/she may in fact be telling the truth; in that situation the polygraph test may be very instrumental is clearing one of guilt or simply confirming the truth. 

It is important to understand that polygraph examinations should and will only take place as long as the client consents to participate.  Polygraph is a very effective tool in verifying truth but it can only be used when one voluntarily agrees to participate.   

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For more general information about the field of polygraph, visit the
American Polygraph Association website. 


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